Top Luxury Kitchen Features

Beautiful aesthetics and impressive features are the hallmarks of upscale kitchens. This time around, Y9 Construction will walk you through top luxury kitchen features that are commonly found in the most exclusive homes.

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Open Layout For Cooking and Entertaining

An open space is the current trademark look of an upscale kitchen. Nowadays, it is common for the kitchen and dining areas to be presented without barriers and blend together as a unit. Long gone are the days when the kitchen was left to be unseen. Nowadays, kitchens are perhaps the most popular room in a house and are now revered as the beating heart of our homes.

Hidden Trash and Recycling

Free standing trash cans and recycling bins represent the exact opposite of a luxurious looking kitchen. Moreover, upscale kitchens aim to present a clutter-free environment, where anything that isn’t meant to be in display will be tucked away neatly. As a result, garbage bins are now disguised as part of the kitchen’s cabinets.

Top Luxury Kitchen Features

Built-In Fridge

One of the kitchen appliances that is no longer required to exist as a freestanding unit is the refrigerator. While stainless steel refrigerators are commonly found in most homes, upscale kitchens are now camouflaging them as part of the cabinets as well. Along with refrigerators, additional cabinet drawers are dedicated to warming in upscale kitchens. Likewise, dishwashers can now be found in the same modality.

Custom Cabinets

Custom-made cabinets will add an extra touch of exclusivity to any upscale kitchen. The obvious benefit of a fully customized kitchen is that, aside from monetary restrictions, the design options are virtually unlimited. If you can imagine it, a skillful cabinetry craftsman will be able to build it for you. Luckily, Y9 Construction has a team of talented carpenters who can create any type of luxurious kitchen you might imagine.

Top of the Line Appliances

As you may have already guessed, appliances come in all styles and prices. The differences are ample even among top of the line appliances. While some homeowners are content with contemporary appliances that feature minimal and sleek aesthetics, others require professional level equipment to satisfy their needs. From ranges, to cooktops and wine coolers, top of the line appliances are made for every kitchen need.


Quartz is perhaps the number one contender among luxury countertops. The main reason why quartz is so popular is because of its durability due to being non-porous, ranking it as the most hygienic surface to prepare your meals on. Furthermore, granite, marble and other stones continue to lead the way as predominant countertop choices. Likewise, wood seems to be a popular choice among homeowners with expensive taste. Among upscale wood countertop choices you can find African Mahogany, Zebrawood, Teak and Caribbean Rosewood, as well as Butcher Block countertops.


Smart-Home Features

Technology provides maximum comfort to homeowners through smart-home features. Long gone are the days when we had to walk to our doors and peek on the peephole to see who just rang the doorbell. Likewise, current technology now bleeds through every aspect of our homes, from smart appliances, sound and lighting, to kitchen gadgets and other devices. Without a doubt, smart-home technology has arrived to stay.

Rollout Shelves and Racks

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to reach way, way back in a cabinet to reach that serving tray that only makes an appearance during the holidays? If you are the proud owner of a kitchen with upscale features, those days are over. Nowadays, luxury features allow for users to simply rollout every tool in your kitchen for extreme accessibility. Rollout shelves and racks are made for every utensil and devise imaginable.

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Walk-In Pantry

Think of keeping a convenience store in the comfort of your own home. Luxury walk-in pantries usually count with additional refrigerating units to ensure that homeowners are never running low on any perishable items. Upscale walk-in pantries typically feature additional countertop space and storage for additional appliances that may get less action in the kitchen.


Let’s take a moment to shed some light onto what luxury lighting may look in a kitchen. Many times it will be presented in the form of a decadent chandelier or perhaps even sleek polished cage lights. Similarly, luxury lighting will focus on providing a better view for the cook in turn. Other areas that receive extra attention with upscale lighting are beverage stations and kitchen islands.

Now that you are inspired by our list of top luxury kitchen features, it is time to plan your own.