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Y9 Construction Kitchen Remodeling of San Diego specializes in home improvement, particularly bathroom and kitchen remodeling. At the same time, Y9 is no stranger to commercial work. In addition, our services include complete remodeling, room additions, cabinet manufacturing, structural modifications, and much more. Due to our many years of experience, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work, competence, attention to customer service and our level of commitment. Consequently, Y9 consistently delivers projects that secure maximum customer satisfaction.

Why invest in Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling is considered to be an investment guaranteed to increase a home’s value anywhere across the United States. As you can probably guess, this is why kitchen upgrades are such a sought after service. Besides adding market value, an upgraded kitchen can heighten the sense of personal value to one’s residence. After all, kitchens are believed to be the heart of a home.

Moreover, homeowners should consider significant factors to ensure they receive the most out of their kitchen remodeling investment. Y9 Construction and Home Remodeling in San Diego can help you decide what course to take to receive the most benefit.

How much will it cost me to renovate my kitchen?

While this completely depends on the project at hand, the usual cost of kitchen remodeling in San Diego, while slightly higher, doesn’t differ much from the national average. On one hand, a minor kitchen remodel project in San Diego will roughly cost around $11,000. At the same time, a major kitchen remodeling project can vary widely in cost, ranging anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000 depending on the scope of work (SOW) and each client’s budget.

View our Latest Home and Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Home Remodeling San Diego
Home Remodeling San Diego
Home Remodeling San Diego
Home Remodeling San Diego
Home Remodeling San Diego
Kitchen Remodel

Arguably the most popular room in a house. Certainly worthy of an upgrade.

Bathroom Remodel

Why settle for a bathroom when you can have a luxurious private spa?

Custom Cabinets

We know our way around cabinets, from pre-assembled to fully custom.

Room Additions
Complete Remodeling
Structural Modifications
Second Story

Undoubtedly, starting a project like home remodel in San Diego requires a knowledgeable team that knows the ins and outs of home and business construction. Notably, Y9 Construction counts with many years of experience in the home improvement and cabinet manufacturing business, specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Therefore, Y9 is the kind of company you need to ensure that your business and/or home remodeling project is done right the first time.


Additionally, Y9 Construction services extend to assist business owners in the creation of their brick and mortar locations in the San Diego and surrounding locations. Similar to residential projects, the Y9 is able to meet you wherever you might be in the  process of your project. Moreover, our talented team of designers will be able to assist you with a concept from scratch or help you create one based on your ideas and specifications.

Furthermore, our experienced team can thoroughly guide business owners in the tedious process of permits and regulations related to your construction project. In a nutshell, Y9 is capable of assisting you every step of the way while remaining within your requirements and budget, regardless of how big or small your project might be. Reach out today for a FREE on-site consultation!

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Home Remodeling in San Diego by Y9 Construction starts with a FREE Consultation

Because home remodeling is comprised of multiple variables and many questions from our customers, we decided to make the initial part as easy as possible. For this reason, Y9 Construction is offering a FREE in-home consultation if you’re looking to renovate within San Diego and surrounding areas.

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