Condo Remodeling Tips

Are you thinking about renovating your condo? In comparison to a traditional freestanding house, a condo remodel presents a unique set of challenges. Y9 Construction has some condo remodeling ideas to get you started on your home improvement project.

condo remodeling ideas


Condo kitchen’s will often be smaller compared to your average home. As a result, design calls for smart space usage and decisions. Y9 Construction covered small kitchen ideas to make the most of the square footage you count with. Click here to read all about small kitchens.


Flooring decisions greatly depend on your condo’s layout. While carpet may be a cozy and comfortable solution for your feet, it will likely be problematic when dealing with an open floor plan. Furthermore, the use of carpet is often restricted to the bedroom areas, where less traffic is expected. As a result, carpet is likely to remain cleaner than if it’s used in other areas in your condo. Hardwood and laminate floors are regularly the more popular option due to maintenance and durability, especially when you share your living quarters with kids and/or pets.

Wall Decor

The general rule is that the less clutter the better. This is particularly true for smaller spaces. A messy environment crowds the area you live in. As a result, a compact condo will appear even smaller. Same is the case with overdone wall decor by affecting visual clutter. Let plenty of space on your walls to breathe to increase the appearance of a larger area. Similarly, mirrors are an old time favorite trick for those who are seeking to make a room appear larger than what it is.


Similar to wall decor, a higher concentration of color will highly delimit a room. Therefore, painting that one wall in a bold color will accentuate the space you count with. This of course can be a good thing or a not so great thing depending on the objective. If your condo is on the smaller side, chances are that a pop of color might make it look even smaller. In which case, lighter colors are what you need to increase the appearance of space.


Some condos count with additional space in the second floor, reachable by an all-wood, traditional set of stairs. In many cases, the space underneath the stairs can serve as a closet or even a bookshelf area. Another popular solution to condo stairs would be a spiral design. The biggest benefit of a spiral staircase is the small amount of space it takes. Likewise, a spiral staircase provides visual appeal without over cluttering your living space.

Make use of these condo remodeling tips and give us a call for a FREE CONSULTATION. Y9 Construction is here to help you with any home renovation questions you may have to help you get started with your project.