8 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Home remodeling has more than a couple of benefits. While enjoying the results of a newly finished renovation can be satisfying to a homeowner, the investment can also represent an increase in your home’s value. Let Y9 Construction help you explore home renovation strategies by looking at 8 ways to increase your home value.

1. Kitchen

One of the most commonly used tactics, and still the best way to increase your home’s value is by remodeling your kitchen. Similarly, an updated kitchen appears to be the most sought after home feature by millennials.

2. Increasing the amount of living space

ADUs are currently what the craze is all about. Ever since state law changed, homeowners are having an easier time building a second living unit within a property. As a result, homeowners are profiting by this strategy in the short and long run, by either renting the unit out or eventually selling it as a multi-family property.

8 Ways to Increase Home Value - Kitchen Remodeling
Modern Living Room

3. Home energy cost

Utility bills can become a dread, particularly for larger families. Looking at a power bill post holiday season can be a source of anxiety for some. Your home can become energy efficient by implementing a few changes including changing your windows, replacing old furnaces, selecting effective cooling, heating and lighting systems, and other smart design features.

4. Stress-Free home design

Nowadays, interior home design is all about clutter-free, open spaces, that evoke minimalism. Investing in smart cabinet space is a great way to add storage space and keep your home organized. Another way to reduce visual cluttering is by minimizing your color palette and keeping patterns to a minimum.

5. Timeless design

Following the latest home design trends can be tempting, but how long will you be happy with that choice? A better approach will likely involve selecting a style designed to withstand the test of time. Similarly, selecting quality materials will save you money on the long run by preventing a need for replacement in a shorter period of time.

6. Paint

Sometimes a home can improve greatly by applying a coat of paint. Remember that saying about first impressions? A professionally done home exterior paint job can be a showstopper when trying to attract potential home buyers. Investing in quality paint is of utmost importance, since paint is likely to be the first line of defense against eroding agents.

8 Ways to Increase Home Value

7. Outdoors space

Outdoor living spaces are desirable features in any home and even more so when trying to sell one. There are many ways to make the most out of your outside area, including a patio with an extended roof overhang, deck, fire pit, outdoor kitchens, upgrading landscape and even a swimming pool.

8. Smart technology

Smart homes are the way of the future. Don’t believe us? Then take a trip (or an online glance) to your favorite home improvement store and notice entire sections dedicated to smart home technology. Among the many gadgets home owners swear by include smart doorbells, lighting, locks, automated blinds and curtains, built-in speakers with app control, and USB wall outlets.

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