Home construction during uncertain times

We are currently living under unprecedented conditions that require a special amount of attention. Y9 Construction knows that some of you were in the process of upgrading your home to a functional level, therefore continues offering essential home construction services during these unprecedented times, while adhering to social distancing norms. Perhaps some of you were barely starting the process of finally getting the bathroom fixed, your kitchen completely remodeled or maybe finishing your granny flat.

No matter what your home remodeling job is, these challenging times bring up questions about homeowners ability to continue building or starting a brand new project given the circumstance. With this in mind, rest assured knowing that home construction is considered an essential industry during these challenging times. Y9 Construction is here with you to endure these unprecedented times together and help you build the home of your dreams so that staying home can be bearable for you and your family.

Home Construction during uncertain times


Our entire sales, customer service and support staff are fully functional and working remotely for the time being for everyone’s safety. Moreover, our team has moved to receiving inquiries, setting meetings and providing estimates through popular online platforms, such as Zoom and WhatsApp and continues to be open to whatever platforms our customers feel comfortable using.


In case your project needs to start while stay-at-home orders are in place, our construction team is properly standing by social distancing regulations to ensure everyone’s safety, like using protective gear (ex. Masks, gloves) and isolating construction teams avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact by separating working areas from the rest of the house with proper protection.

Home Construction during uncertain times

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While the coronavirus pandemic has put many things to a halt, the ability to build your home isn’t one of them. Reach out to Y9 today to learn about home construction during COVID-19 and receive a FREE REMOTE CONSULTATION!

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Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

Planning a successful kitchen remodel is of utmost importance if homeowners plan to keep their sanity during renovation. Since Y9 suspects that most homeowners fall into this category, we decided to make a short list of valuable considerations for the process.

Design a

One of the main things to consider when planning a home remodeling project is the layout of the design. If you plan to keep the same or similar layout, particularly in the kitchen, it will trim down the amount of work to be done. In many cases, a complete redesign will require for utilities to be rerouted and, in this case, additional permits will need to be issued.

Among the main issues to consider would be the usage of gas or propane, or the conversion of supply pipes if you buy new appliances. Other things to plan for include appropriate voltage for large and small appliances, appropriate lighting above common task areas, ceiling and cabinet lighting. Your newly designed layout should provide you with a good plan to reroute the electrical wiring.

Other important considerations need to be planned when it comes to plumbing for things like proper sink and dishwasher functionality. Since supply and waste pipes are normally shared by both, it makes the most sense to keep them in close proximity. Altering waste pipes is no easy task and it will most likely require you to notify a local building inspector.

Appliance Size and Type

Designing a kitchen requires for many appliance size and type decisions, one of them being the decision between a free-standing range and a cooktop/wall oven combination. Attached to either option, you will also need to decide between fuel source options being gas, electric, or a dual-fuel configuration.

Ventilation is another appliance that is presented in a variety of ways, including wall-mounted or island hoods, or a downdraft ventilation system. An important feature to keep an eye on is for the fan’s ability to circulate air, measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Refrigerators also come not only in a variety of sizes but are also installed in a few different ways. The most common and cost-effective of your options is free-standing, but you can also opt for a built-in refrigerator or a beautiful fully-integrated one.

Among other common appliances to consider are dishwashers, which were shortly mentioned at the beginning of this article in relationship to plumbing. Dishwashers are commonly available in similar options to refrigerators. An important factor to keep in mind is how loud they are. Rather keep it on the quiet end? Then search for a measure of 45 decibels or less.

Cabinet Design Balance and Appliance Clearance

Once your cabinets are installed you’ll be looking at them quite a lot, which calls for a little bit of creative imagination and variety as you design. Mixing up cabinet sizes, glass and solid doors is a great way to go about it.

Functionality is the main issue to contemplate as you go about designing any room, particularly kitchens. Among the things to contemplate are having enough space adjacent to the stove, the direction in which doors open, how easy it will be to reach items inside the cabinets, leaving enough room for crown moldings, and making sure that appliance clearance matches the size of your actual appliances.

Budget, budget, budget!

Lastly, one of the most important things to consider is your budget. When we begin to envision your dream kitchen, it is easy to go overboard with the amount of features we’d like to incorporate and forget about the budget for a second or two. However, there are multiple ways to save money and stay within your budget, including cabinet selection, lighting choices and even parts of the project that some may choose to go about “DIY’ style, like when it comes to demo.

Consulting with the experts is always the best way to be pointed in the direction of savings, both in the short and long term. The best approach is to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. Taking the time to buy appliances and cabinets when they go on sale, finding a deal on hardware and opting for energy efficient items are among the things that ad up and end up saving money.

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Now that you have an idea of what is involved in ​planning a successful kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips

A kitchen upgrade can certainly make a dent in your bank account. Y9 Construction in San Diego is here to help with useful kitchen remodeling savings tips. Following some of these suggestions could potentially keep you from spending more than you need!

Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips

Keep Same Layout

This wouldn’t be a kitchen remodeling savings tip list if we didn’t suggest to keep the original layout. Modifying a kitchen’s layout normally implies a series of adjustments. For instance, having to reroute utilities, the conversion of supply pipes, or even the relocation of waste pipes. As a result, each of these modifications will present additional costs. Thus, sticking to the original plan will help you avoid overspending.


A big expense when undergoing a kitchen remodeling project is the cost of appliances. Are you planning on keeping the ones from your old kitchen or are you getting brand new ones? In reality, free-standing appliances represent a lower investment than a built-in or fully-integrated version.

Additionally, another way to save serious moolah is by purchasing refurbished appliances or buying during a big holiday sale. Likewise, you can save by using factory rebates. In short, you never know what deal you can get when you take your time to search.

Plan Ahead

It’s never a bad idea to plan and make design and purchase decisions ahead of time, rather than to scramble at the very last minute. Therefore, it’s preferred to have everything you need before your project gets started.

As previously mentioned, planning ahead will allow you to hunt for the best deals possible. Moreover, it will ensure that you get everything you want for your dream kitchen and not settle for what is currently available.

Furthermore, forcing yourself to choose items during renovation, such as a sink or a faucet, can put you in a situation where the item is back ordered. Usually this means that you’ll have to either choose a different and sometimes more expensive item, or wait for your original selection. In that event, it often implies having to reschedule the construction crew for a different installation date, adding unnecessary cost.

Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips
Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips

Door Styles

If your heart is set on brand-new cabinets, the most cost-friendly solution will be to chose pre-assembled instead of custom-made cabinets. In like manner, you can also opt to cut corners and refrain from non-essential add-ons. For instance, cabinet and drawer dividers, under cabinet lighting, countertop waterfalls, pull-out spice racks and utensil organizers, among many other tempting but unnecessary choices.


Finally, setting priorities while planning your kitchen remodeling project is a great way to stay organized and keep you within budget. Not only will it save  you money, but it will ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Making a list that differentiates between absolute “must-haves” and optional “add-ons” will avoid unnecessary expenses. In the same way, it is handy to keep a short list of “it would be nice to have” items in case your budget allows it.

Now that you possess valuable kitchen remodeling savings tips, it’s time to make important project decisions! Without a doubt, Y9 Construction and Home Remodeling in San Diego is here to help once you decide to get the ball rolling. In fact, Y9 is offering a FREE consultation to make things easier for you. Why wait? Reach out to us today and schedule your appointment.

Plan Your Home Remodeling Project

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Think About a Plan for Home Design As You Prepare To Initiate Construction

Get ready and plan your home remodeling project! Important considerations need to take place as you begin to plan your project and many of them will revolve around the concept of design. Whether you desire a luxurious oasis-like pool, a new and improved master bedroom, a gourmet chef quality kitchen, or a walk-in closet to provide shelter for your countless pairs of designer shoes you own, the truth is that a well-planned design will save you more than a few migraines.

Among some of the questions that could potentially arise, depending on your project, include:

  • Will my home’s current infrastructure support a second story?
  • Do I need to reroute my kitchen’s current utilities to fit the new design?
  • Is the area in my backyard enough to support the pool that I have in mind?
  • Can my home’s current plumbing configuration support the location where I would like my new bathroom to be?
  • Is this design practical for the needs of my family?
  • Will this modification increase the overall value of my home?

This is a small sample of case scenarios that could influence the many design decisions you’ll need to make in the process. Therefore, it comes down to how practical, time-consuming, realistic and expensive it will end up being. Flexibility to be able to adjust to some of these conditions will certainly be your best ally.

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Home Remodeling Within Your Budget

Dreaming big is certainly not a bad thing, but certain dream home features can be a little bit out of our budget range at times. Maybe your heart is set on specific materials, cabinets styles, lighting fixtures, or perhaps a very specific add-on. A quick online search or a trip to your favorite home improvement store can be a good way to start adding numbers for the more tangible items that are required for the project.


Therefore, talking to a consultant, like an architect or contractor, is another great resource in terms of rounding up numbers for the behind-the-scenes tasks that are required to make your dream home into a reality.

Consider Logistics as you Plan Your Home Remodeling Project

Basic logistics are another important consideration as you get ready to start your home remodeling project. Let’s stop for a second to consider a few scenarios that could be affected during the process of your home remodeling project.

  • Will you be able to remain in your home while it’s undergoing construction?
  • Do you have a second area that could serve as a provisional kitchen while yours is being remodeled?
  • Is your timeline realistic? Will your pool and BBQ area be ready in time for the summer?
  • If you work from home: Will construction noise interfere with your ability to do so?
  • Where will you store your belongings during construction?
Keep in to start your home remodeling

It’s not surprising to see that many homeowners forget about the many inconveniences that remodeling may represent for them, as they tend to focus on the many aspects of design. With that note, let’s not forget about your own comfort while your dream home is in the making.

Ready to get your home remodeling job started within the San Diego and/or the surrounding areas? Then reach out to us today for a FREE consultation.