Second Story

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Do you need more space, but aren’t able to expand your home sideways? Then perhaps adding a second or third floor to your house is the best solution for you. Y9 Construction, providing service to San Diego County and surrounding areas, is here to manage that project for you, from start to finish. Building a second floor for your home may be one of the most biggest modifications applied to a house, which is why you need a team of experts behind it

An efficient contractor thoroughly understands the process of adding stories to a house, and is also well versed in the importance of proper footing and foundation structures. It is vital to know that the story addition will be appropriately supported. Since structural support needs to occur in order to build a second story, significant modifications can be applied to the first floor simultaneously at a better price, compared to tackling those two projects separately.

The customization aspects of a second story are endless, which is one of the biggest benefits of working with a blank canvas. The Y9 Construction team can help you turn your dream layout into reality, or help you create one from scratch, while keeping you and your family needs in mind. Call or email Y9 Construction today for a FREE consultation!


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