Kitchen Styles to Consider for your Home


Imagine the setting where the perfect holiday meal is being prepared, or a fresh batch of cookies and other baked goodies are in the making. Most likely you pictured a traditional kitchen as the backdrop for this scene. Compared to the previously mentioned kitchens, traditional kitchens are heavily focused on small details surrounding finishing, ornamentation, and even hardware selection. A characteristic look of a traditional kitchen is the use of raised panel cabinets.


Components from both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs are mixed to create what we know as a transitional style kitchen; in essence, they borrow from each other’s aesthetics to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen. The main characteristic of this style is the combination of pre-manufactured and natural materials. A transitional kitchen will often feature glass, wood, stone, marble and steel in a single design.


If we had to describe the look of a modern kitchen with a few words it would be simple lines, smooth surfaces and high-end finishing. Modern kitchens are characterized by frameless cabinets, flat surfaces, simple points, lines, angels and figures, and very little or minimal ornamentation and hardware.


The signature look of a cottage charm kitchen includes a touch of farmhouse inspiration, mixed with furniture-like cabinets and a wide-range of finishes, adding up to a comfy, “lived-in” appearance. In contrast to some of the other styles we’ve looked, the color palette will wildly vary in range. Within this style, the objective is to mix rather than match.


A contemporary kitchen design is perhaps one of the most family friendly styles in terms of function, with a focus on innovative storage solutions. The style can be described as minimalist, clean, spacious and light. “Contemporary” kitchens often get confused with “modern” kitchens, which refers to a specific design movement that took place between the early to mid-twentieth century. The characteristic look of this style is a combination of carefully picked materials, mixing new and old design elements.