Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips

A kitchen upgrade can certainly make a dent in your bank account. Y9 Construction in San Diego is here to help with useful kitchen remodeling savings tips. Following some of these suggestions could potentially keep you from spending more than you need!

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Keep the Same Layout

This would not be a list of kitchen remodeling savings tips if we did not advise you to keep the original layout. Modifying a kitchen’s layout normally implies a series of adjustments. For instance, having to reroute utilities, the conversion of supply pipes, or even the relocation of waste pipes. As a result, each of these modifications will present additional costs. Thus, sticking to the original plan will help you avoid overspending.


A big expense when undergoing a kitchen remodeling project is the cost of appliances. Are you planning on keeping the ones from your old kitchen or are you getting brand new ones? In reality, free-standing appliances represent a lower investment than a built-in or fully-integrated version.

Additionally, another way to save serious moolah is by purchasing refurbished appliances or buying during a big holiday sale. Likewise, you can save by using factory rebates. In short, you never know what deal you can get when you take your time to search.

Plan Ahead

It’s never a bad idea to plan and make design and purchase decisions ahead of time, rather than to scramble at the very last minute. Therefore, it’s preferred to have everything you need before your project gets started.

As previously mentioned, planning ahead will allow you to hunt for the best deals possible. Moreover, it will ensure that you get everything you want for your dream kitchen and not settle for what is currently available.

Furthermore, forcing yourself to choose items during renovation, such as a sink or a faucet, can put you in a situation where the item is back ordered. Usually this means that you’ll have to either choose a different and sometimes more expensive item, or wait for your original selection. In that event, it often implies having to reschedule the construction crew for a different installation date, adding unnecessary cost.

Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips
Kitchen Remodeling Savings Tips

Door Styles

If your heart is set on brand-new cabinets, the most cost-friendly solution will be to chose pre-assembled instead of custom-made cabinets. In like manner, you can also opt to cut corners and refrain from non-essential add-ons. For instance, cabinet and drawer dividers, under cabinet lighting, countertop waterfalls, pull-out spice racks and utensil organizers, among many other tempting but unnecessary choices.


Finally, setting priorities while planning your kitchen remodeling project is a great way to stay organized and keep you within budget. Not only will it save  you money, but it will ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Making a list that differentiates between absolute “must-haves” and optional “add-ons” will avoid unnecessary expenses. In the same way, it is handy to keep a short list of “it would be nice to have” items in case your budget allows it.

Now that you possess valuable kitchen remodeling savings tips, it’s time to make important project decisions! Without a doubt, Y9 Construction and Home Remodeling in San Diego is here to help once you decide to get the ball rolling. In fact, Y9 is offering a FREE consultation to make things easier for you. Why wait? Reach out to us today and schedule your appointment.




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