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Looking to become inspired with ideas to use for your home renovation? Then take a closer look at one of our projects and see what other homeowners have opted for their unique living spaces. This time around we will provide you with home remodeling inspiration from our Cosmeyer project.

Home Remodeling Inspiration - Cosmeyer

While gray shaker cabinets would label this kitchen as transition, the honey blonde accents and romantic tile suggest a touch of country living. The juxtaposition of these two elements evoke a warm shabby chic feeling without overusing statement features.

As a result, the hood ends up playing as a central feature that perfectly matches the wall shelves, while both are placed against a very playful and unique backsplash tile. Similarly, the light countertops do not steal attention away by remaining subtle.

Home Remodeling Inspiration - Cosmeyer
Custom Kitchen Countertop

The honey blonde breakfast counter is a very unique custom made feature included in this kitchen design. This kitchen table option takes very little space, while allowing for a relaxing morning coffee or a quick meal before the kids go off to school and additional countertop space when needed.

The guest bathroom was also remodeled using gray shakers, crisp white tile and silver brushed hardware. Since the bathroom sq. footage wasn’t generous, a strategically placed closet was placed to provide much needed storage for this area of the house.

Guest Bathroom Remodel
Pet Wash Station

Lastly, we would like to include a special feature for your home remodeling inspiration satisfaction.  unique space was created to pamper the furriest four-legged residents of the house. Gray shakers were also used for this area of the house and placed in contrast with brilliant white marble countertops. While we are still unsure if the puppers appreciate the washing station, we are certain that it makes things a lot easier for their loving humans.

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from the Cosmeyer project

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