Home construction during uncertain times

We are currently living under unprecedented conditions that require a special amount of attention. Y9 Construction knows that some of you were in the process of upgrading your home to a functional level, therefore continues offering essential home construction services during these unprecedented times, while adhering to social distancing norms. Perhaps some of you were barely starting the process of finally getting the bathroom fixed, your kitchen completely remodeled or maybe finishing your granny flat.

No matter what your home remodeling job is, these challenging times bring up questions about homeowners ability to continue building or starting a brand new project given the circumstance. With this in mind, rest assured knowing that home construction is considered an essential industry during these challenging times. Y9 Construction is here with you to endure these unprecedented times together and help you build the home of your dreams so that staying home can be bearable for you and your family.

Home Construction during uncertain times


Our entire sales, customer service and support staff are fully functional and working remotely for the time being for everyone’s safety. Moreover, our team has moved to receiving inquiries, setting meetings and providing estimates through popular online platforms, such as Zoom and WhatsApp and continues to be open to whatever platforms our customers feel comfortable using.


In case your project needs to start while stay-at-home orders are in place, our construction team is properly standing by social distancing regulations to ensure everyone’s safety, like using protective gear (ex. Masks, gloves) and isolating construction teams avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact by separating working areas from the rest of the house with proper protection.

Home Construction during uncertain times

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While the coronavirus pandemic has put many things to a halt, the ability to build your home isn’t one of them. Reach out to Y9 today to learn about home construction during COVID-19 and receive a FREE REMOTE CONSULTATION!

Don’t forget to ask about our SPECIAL INCENTIVES for starting your project at this time.