ADU Services in San Diego

Why should you consider building an ADU in San Diego?

ADU Services in San Diego

What is an ADU?

Are you looking to build an #ADU in #SanDiego or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? Current State California law is enabling homeowners to build a second living unit within a property. So, what is the big deal with this type of construction?

An ADU  can be an affordable housing option in San Diego county to accommodate older family members, guests, or even live in caregivers.

Most likely, you’re more familiar with ADUs by their many other names, including secondary suite, guesthouse, or in-law suite. Overall, they all serve to describe an independent living unit that is smaller than the main house. In addition, ADUs must share the same property with the primary unit.

Furthermore, ADUs are built in all shapes and sizes, but include all of the comforts a home needs to function, including a kitchen, sleeping area and a bathroom. Notably, ADUs range from 500 to 1200 sf. in size.

What restrictions do I have in San Diego to build an ADU?

Currently, ADU construction in San Diego is allowed in properties that already hold a single-family residence and lay within a residential zone.

Moreover, California State law decided to change the previous legislation regarding ADUs in an attempt to assist homeowners fight the rising cost of home ownership. Furthermore, the new law enables homeowners to maximize property value by renting out their ADU units.

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Is there a size restriction for ADUs?

Yes, a building permit is required, which provides certainty that your ADU meets standard regulations and requirements. Likewise, homeowners will ultimately avoid the possibility of having to rebuild and spend more time and money in the process.

How big can I build my ADU unit?

To recap, an ADU is required to be smaller than the primary dwelling on the property. On one end, ADUs that are connected to the primary residence may be up to 50% as large and up to 1200sft. On the other hand, detached ADUs may be up to 1200sft, no matter the size of the main residence.

The type of ADU construction will depend on where you plan on building it. Many homeowners don’t count with additional land to build a completely separate structure. Instead, they might opt to transform their attic, garage or adapt a section of their home. Read more about the different kinds of ADUs here!

Are you ready to make the first step towards your ADU project?

Y9 Construction is here to help you every step of the way in making your ADU unit a reality. First, let us assist you with a FREE in-home consultation to discuss every aspect of your ADU project. Certainly, Y9 is here to answer any questions you may have to facilitate this process. Schedule your appointment today!



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