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Thinking about building an ADU on your property?

The term ‘Accessory Dwelling Unit’ refers to a separate living space added to a single-family home, known by other names such as an in-law suite, mother-in-law unit, or granny flat. While the terminology may differ, the value that an ADU adds to your property remains consistent.

ADUs come in various forms and aren’t limited to standalone structures in the backyard. Garages, attics, basements, and even portions of your home can be converted into accessory dwelling units. By doing so, not only do you save money on new construction, but it also provides an excellent way to generate passive income and increase the overall value of your property.

ADU Benefits:

Building an ADU is a win-win situation that enhances the value of your home while providing you with extra living space to use however you choose. The main benefits for homeowners to construct an ADU are:

Creating Private Living Spaces: Ideal for young adults, elderly parents, or extended family members.

Generating Rental Income: ADUs can be rented out to tenants, providing homeowners with an additional source of income. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners with a fixed income or those aiming to accelerate their mortgage repayment.

Accommodate multiple generations: ADUs can be used to accommodate multiple generations of a family living under one roof. This can be a great way to save money and create a close-knit family environment.

Maximizing Property Resale Value and Equity: ADUs can significantly enhance a property’s resale value and equity.

Versatile Uses: Beyond housing, ADUs are incredibly versatile and can be transformed into a home office, fitness space, or tailored to any other purpose you envision.

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How long does it take to build an ADU in San Diego, CA?

Undoubtedly, ADU is a wise investment, especially if you intend to live in the house for a long time. From our experience as a local ADU builder, depending on the client’s requirements and the project’s complexity, an average San Diego ADU project can take three to five months to complete. In contrast, more complex projects can take more than a year.

What can I use my ADU for? ADU Usages Ideas:

ADUs come in a variety of styles, sizes, and purposes. That includes a rental Unit, a cozy guesthouse, a kids room, a home office, a stylish lounge with a bar, a man cave, an artist’s studio, a teenage den, a practical utility room, a cinema room, a games room, romantic retreat, spa, relaxing living room, gym, micro-home, workshop, music studio and almost anything you can think of.

ADU builder San Diego
ADU builder San Diego
Planning an ADU in San Diego? Here are some questions to consider:

Are you converting existing space into the ADU, or will it be a new building? 

Make sure you have the answer to this before you start designing your ADU. Many significant decisions will be based on it, and it will, of course, have a substantial impact on the project’s cost and timeline.

What will you be using the ADU for? 

The majority of the ADUs we have constructed for our clients are used as office space, recreational rooms, personal living quarters, and rental units. Nevertheless, there is no limit to what you may do with the area, and an ADU can be almost whatever you can dream of.

Are there different types of ADUs? 

Yes, of course! While the name serves to describe this type of construction, there are a variety of ways in which an ADU can be developed. The most popular types of ADUs are Detached new construction (which is usually the most expensive, by the way), garage conversion, bump out, basement conversion, attic conversion, and Interior ADUs. You can learn more about the different types of ADUs here.

Is your property eligible for building an ADU? 

Before you start designing an ADU, double-check that your property meets local development requirements.

Do I need a building permit for an ADU?

Yes, it is necessary to obtain a building permit in order to ensure the new area meets all zoning, health, and safety codes. 

What size ADU should I build?

Size does not always indicate quality. According to state data, new ADUs in California are an average of 615 square feet. Depending on the intended use, the average-sized ADUs we build for our clients range from 500 to 800 square feet. 

Is additional parking space required for a new ADU?  

The property is typically required to have one parking space unless an exemption applies. A parking space is essential to consider, especially if you’re thinking about renting out the unit, as accessible parking is among the most important facilities for tenants, and failing to provide one can lead to frustrations and disagreements between landlords and tenants.

Can I have separate utility meters for the ADU? 

Yes, and that would be a great idea! Particularly if you intend to use the additional space as an office or a rental unit and therefore require separate utility bills. It is doable to have separate meters for water and electricity but keep in mind it would cost more to install those. 

What appliances should I include in the ADU? 

A refrigerator, a range, and most likely a microwave are essential in any kitchen. It is advisable to choose appliances that are smaller than the standard size used in a house. If you have the extra space, you should consider including a spot for a washer and dryer as well as a dishwasher. 

If I build an ADU, my property taxes will go up? 

Yes, the tax assessors will most likely increase the overall value of your property, but they will not reassess your current home. 

Should I design an ADU with privacy in mind?

It genuinely depends on how you intend to use the area. Of course, if you’re building it for the purpose of functioning as a yoga room or gym, no special seclusion is required, but if you’re planning to rent it out in the future, the lack of privacy could be a dealbreaker. In any event, it may be wiser to build the ADU with privacy in mind in case its purpose changes in the future. 

How to budget ADU?

The cost of building an ADU depends on a number of factors, including whether you’re renovating an existing structure or starting from scratch. A skilled ADU builder can guide you in the process of designing and building your ADU while staying within your budget as much as possible.

In case I decide to rent it out, am I prepared to take on the role of a landlord?  

Being a landlord is not for the faint of heart. It’s like running any other business, and you may encounter unpleasant situations from time to time. Therefore the ability to remain calm is a skill you will need. Make sure you know what is expected of you legally and professionally, and be honest about your ability to be a good landlord before deciding to take this route.

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